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Hogan’s redistricting panel co-chair says state should be national model

Retired U.S. District Judge Alexander Williams, shown in a 2017 photo, is the Democratic co-chair of the governor's commission to redraw the state's 6th Congressional District bounndaries. (File Photo / Bryan P. Sears)

ANNAPOLIS – The Democratic co-chair of the Republican governor’s commission to redraw a western Maryland congressional district found to be unconstitutionally partisan toward Democrats urged the panel’s members Friday to fairly, independently and transparently create a model district against partisan ...

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Supreme Court will review constitutionality of Md. congressional district

The issue before the high court confronts the justices with a question they have yet to answer directly: Whether partisan gerrymandering can violate the First Amendment rights of minority voters in a congressional district. (File Photo)

Setting the stage for a potential landmark ruling, the Supreme Court on Friday agreed to review a lower court decision striking down a congressional district in western Maryland as having been drawn with such a partisan bias by the state’s ...

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Frosh, Trump agree on Bladensburg Cross’ constitutionality

The 40-foot Bladensburg cross, erected by the American Legion, was dedicated in 1925. (File photo)

Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh and the Trump administration have found something they agree on: The U.S. Supreme Court should overturn a decision that a 40-foot cross erected as a war memorial in Bladensburg violates the constitutional separation of ...

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Trone urges Supreme Court to uphold Md. congressional district

A campaign photo of David Trone, a Democrat who was elected last month to Maryland's 6th Congressional District.

The Democrat who next month will begin representing a Maryland congressional district at the heart of a constitutional challenge to partisan gerrymandering has urged the U.S. Supreme Court to validate the controversial district as having been reasonably redrawn. In papers ...

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Stories of 2018: Gerrymandering gets its day in court

Helenmary Ball, left, of Calvert County, Md., as "Maryland District 5," points toward the separated area of Maryland District 3, being represented by Bobby Bartlett, right, as nonpartisan groups against gerrymandering protest in front of the Supreme Court, Wednesday, March 28, 2018, in Washington where the court will hear arguments on a gerrymandering case. The Supreme Court is taking up its second big partisan redistricting case of the term amid signs the justices could place limits on drawing maps for political gain. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The judicial process moves slowly. Perhaps never more so than when the U.S. Supreme Court appears on the verge of redefining constitutional law in an area of representative democracy long presumed to be the province of state legislatures and the ...

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Frosh files final plea for justices’ review of Md. redistricting order

Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh (File Photo)

In his final plea for Supreme Court review of a redistricting order, Maryland’s attorney general urged the justices Tuesday to set standards for determining if a congressional district in western Maryland was drawn with such a partisan bias by the ...

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