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Tag Archives: Tech Tuesday

Don’t let timekeeping software invite wage claims

Most employers now use electronic timekeeping software for payroll purposes. These programs offer an easy means of accurately tracking employee work hours and breaks. Used appropriately, they can offer significant savings to employers – the American Payroll Association estimates that ...

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Fight fraud by updating credit card terminals

Seventy-five percent of companies experienced payments fraud in 2016, and half said the number of attacks increased over 2015. But new industry standards and updated payment terminals technology can help protect businesses—only if they take much-needed action. Today, businesses of ...

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Lawyers and technology in 2017: Change is good

According to a recent study conducted by Altman Weil, “Law Firms in Transition 2017,” 72 percent of responding firms believe that change in the legal industry will continue to take place at a rapid rate, compared to 2012 when only ...

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Tech Tuesday: Moneyball for businesses

Made famous by the movie “Moneyball,” sabermetrics refers to the use of statistical analysis to formulate a high-quality sports team at a minimum cost. The concept has similar applications to employers outside the sports realm. A growing number of companies ...

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How one state handles virtual law firms

Cloud computing — where electronic data is stored off-site on servers owned and maintained by a third party — is quite common in 2017. The proliferation of mobile devices, which are essentially useless in the absence of cloud computing, has ...

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Cyber insurance, security work in tandem to limit risk

As businesses fortify their data and networks against the next cyberattack, some business owners might be considering cyber insurance to limit their exposure to the uncertain and evolving risk of a network or data breach that could disrupt operations. But ...

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