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Tag Archives: Tech Tuesday

Mining our federal research resources

Imagine you are a local technology startup looking to manufacture a tiny air quality sensor that can be incorporated into an iPhone to dramatically improve public health. This is a potential billion-dollar market, but you need access to specialized and ...

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Maryland: The state of research

  Which state has the nation’s most research-intensive economy? California? Massachusetts? North Carolina? Actually it’s Maryland. A greater portion of Maryland’s economy comes from private, federal, and university research spending than any state (with the exception of rural New Mexico ...

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Why cybercriminals target patient data

(First of two parts) The health care industry is under siege. Data breaches of patient information have become all too common, with both external and insider threats trying to gain access to patients’ electronic health records (EHRs), and it does ...

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The power of the state legislature

With much of the nation’s focus directed at the recent presidential election and the new president and Congress, it’s easy to overlook the Maryland State Legislature in Annapolis. However, as a technology entrepreneur you should be aware of the power ...

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Pulling our head out of the sand on cybersecurity

  Welcome to our inaugural Tech Tuesday column. Each week, with the help of our partner the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council, we’ll feature insights from leaders in Maryland’s technology industries. These are the people in the forefront of harnessing technology ...

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