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Chalk this up to a Fourth Amendment violation perhaps

Welcome to Monday, the 54th anniversary of the U.S. Senate’ s confirmation of Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court. Here are some news items to get your week started. — Is chalking tires a Fourth Amendment violation or merely an ...

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Amid protests, Barbera calls for ‘equal justice’ in Maryland (access required)

Maryland’s top judge called on the state’s judiciary and its 40,000 attorneys Tuesday night to ensure that racial minorities and the indigent are not shortchanged in the civil and criminal justice system. “All of us – members of the judicial ...

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Barbera leads dedication of Thurgood Marshall law library (access required)

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland’s top judge issued an order, of sorts, to the judges, lawyers and legislators who attended a ceremony Thursday afternoon celebrating the renaming of the state’s law library in memory of civil rights icon Thurgood Marshall, a Baltimore ...

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Lawmakers hail bills barring cyberbullying, child porn, violence against pregnant women (access required)

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland General Assembly this year addressed the dangers posed by social media and increasingly realistic computer graphics in passing legislation to expand protections against on-line bullying of youngsters and to prevent child pornography in the digital age. ...

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Senators consider name change for Maryland’s top two courts (access required)

ANNAPOLIS – “Justice” might finally come to Maryland. A proposed state constitutional amendment now before the General Assembly would change the name of Maryland’s top judicial tribunal from the Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court of Maryland and the ...

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