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Rogue: American Rogue is just a scoundrel

The website for Odenton-based Celtic band The American Rogues notes the group has recorded nine albums and two DVDs and played for fans all over the world to critical acclaim during its nearly two decades of making music. There’s just one problem, according to a lawsuit filed last week: None of it is true.

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Opus Dei sues publisher over card game

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Opus Dei, the elite and powerful organization within the Roman Catholic Church, is suing a Danish publisher for alleged trademark violations involving a card game titled “Opus Dei. Existence After Religion.” Public hearings in the suit began ...

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‘Fuvista’ CEO gets out of jail, but not for free

After spending two weeks in jail in three states and two countries, Creative Pipe Inc. CEO Mark T. Pappas was given a conditional release on Friday after wiring $120,000 from his corporate account to pay down earlier civil sanctions against him.

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