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May 2, 2012

Protecting what is yours

A few weeks ago, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that language software maker Rosetta Stone could proceed with its lawsuit against Google over whether an Internet advertising program creates brand confusion. In 2009, Rosetta Stone sued Google in the federal court claiming  Google’s AdWords advertising program unlawfully allowed the use of […]

Apr 9, 2012

Like ‘Kleenex’ to ’tissue’, Apple’s ‘iPad’ is the only tablet people know

NEW YORK — Apple is on the verge of doing what few others have: change the English language. When you have a boo-boo, you reach for a Band-Aid not a bandage. When you need to blow your nose, you ask for Kleenex not tissue. If you decide to look up something online, you Google instead […]

Feb 24, 2012

Company claiming iPad trademark sues Apple in U.S.

SHANGHAI — Apple Inc. is facing yet another challenge to its use of the iPad trademark in China — this time in a court in California. Proview Electronics Co., a unit of Proview International Holdings, which claims it owns the iPad name, filed a lawsuit against Apple’s use of the trademark in mainland China at […]

Feb 23, 2012

Cafe Hon, J.A. Murphy’s get TV makeovers

That gentleman to the right in the snug, black T-shirt is celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, he of the short temper and fabulous hair. The lady in red is Cafe Hon owner Denise Whiting, and she probably wishes Chris De Burgh was somewhere close by. Four months after Ramsay apparently got Whiting to give up her […]

Jan 26, 2012

Week in review – 1/27/12: Sparrows Point is back to work

Sparrows Point is back to work Employees of the RG Steel plant in Baltimore County’s Sparrows Point have returned to work earlier than expected after about 720 of them were furloughed Dec. 22. Most returned last week, with about 250 more expected to resume by early February. “Everybody’s coming back,” said Chris MacLarion, vice president of […]

Jan 24, 2012

Dutch court refuses to ban sales of Samsung tablet

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Dutch appeals judges ruled Tuesday that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablet is not a copy of Apple’s popular iPad, handing the Korean consumer electronics maker its latest legal victory over its American rival. The Hague Appeals court ruling upheld a lower court’s refusal to grant Apple Inc. an injunction banning the sale […]

Jan 20, 2012

Top 5: ‘We will continue to fight for the children’

The overturning of a lead-paint verdict that stated the process of seizing a city agency’s vehicles tops the list of most-read legal affairs stories of the week. The list also includes a lawsuit filed by security guards who allege they were fired because of their accents, a look at what role Maryland’s highest court will […]

Dec 29, 2011

The Daily Record’s Top 20 stories of 2011

What were the biggest news stories of 2011? Race cars zooming around the Inner Harbor? Potential promised (new development in Owings Mills) or potential unrealized (development in East Baltimore, the future of horse racing in Maryland)? Maybe it can be summed up in a word: Constellation; ICC; Ed Hale. Or “guilty” in the cases (literally) […]

Dec 9, 2011

To thwart porn, colleges are buying up .xxx sites

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The University of Kansas is buying up website names such as and But not because it’s planning a Hot Babes of Kansas site or an X-rated gallery of the Nude Girls of the Land of Aaahs. Instead, the university and countless other schools and businesses are rushing to prevent […]

Dec 4, 2011

Seacrets wins $265K trademark verdict

Popular Ocean City nightclub Seacrets has won a $265,036 jury verdict against a Pennsylvania company that operates a chain of Caribbean hotels under the name “Secrets.” The verdict stemmed from a 2008 lawsuit filed by The Coryn Group II LLC, which operates AMR Resorts and whose portfolio of holdings includes the Secrets hotels. The lawsuit […]

Nov 11, 2011

Top 5: ‘I have tremendous support’

State. Sen. Ulysses Currie was acquitted of all charges this week, and the owner of famed ‘Cafe Hon’ has decided to give up the trademark of the word ‘Hon,’ which caused much controversy earlier this year. Those stories and more in this week’s legal affairs top 5. 1. Café Hon owner to give up trademark […]

Nov 10, 2011

What a Hon-derful day!

Denise Whiting, owner of Café Hon in Baltimore, announced this week she would abandon her trademark claim on the word “Hon.” Personally, I thought the trademark claim was a bad business decision and somewhat of an affront to the Hon culture. As a transplant from the D.C. suburbs, I have taken to Baltimore because of […]

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