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Court calls traffic stop search unconstitutional, reverses pot conviction

A Pocomoke City police officer’s tackling of a motorist stopped for allegedly being on his cellphone while driving invalidates the subsequent discovery of marijuana in the driver’s possession and car, a Maryland appeals court ruled after concluding the officer had ...

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Court of Appeals holds that deference is owed to traffic police

Administrative law judges must defer to a police officer’s reasonable belief that the motorist behind the steering wheel during a traffic stop was driving the car when the alleged violation occurred moments earlier, Maryland’s top court has unanimously held in ...

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‘Look-in’ search of suspect’s underwear unconstitutional, Md. court says

A Frederick County police officer violated a woman’s constitutional rights by looking down her underwear during a highway-side search for hidden drugs after a traffic stop allegedly revealed cocaine in her car, Maryland’s second-highest court has ruled in overturning her ...

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Md. high court finds trunk search constitutional

Police officers were constitutionally justified in searching a car’s trunk for illegal drugs despite only finding them in a passenger’s possession during a traffic stop in Germantown and after a fruitless search of the vehicle’s interior, a divided Maryland high court ruled Friday.

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Supreme Court rejects Maryland’s appeal of marijuana-frisk decision

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined Maryland’s request that the justices review a the state high court’s decision that the pungent smell of raw, unsmoked marijuana emanating from car during a traffic stop does not in itself enable police ...

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Marijuana laws eased but threat to police remains, Frosh tells justices

A strong smell of raw, unsmoked marijuana emanating from a car still justifies police frisking the vehicle’s passengers for weapons despite the increasing societal and legal acceptance of marijuana possession, Maryland’s attorney general stated in papers filed recently with the ...

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Md. high court will consider standard for judging drug-sniffing dogs

Court of Appeals

ANNAPOLIS – In a case addressing if canines need resumes, Maryland’s top court will consider the extent to which appellate courts can review a trial judge’s determination that a drug-sniffing dog was qualified to alert traffic police to an illegal ...

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