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Robert Nusgart – European woes offer yet another chance to refinance

Thank you Greece. Thank you Spain. Thank you Portugal. Thank you for fueling the European debt debacle that continues to make the American bond market a haven for skittish investors looking for a “flight to safety” for their money. And ...

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Postal changes will hurt small businesses

Utility bills are paid, legal briefs are filed and the Christmas shopping all gets done online. But for magazines, clothing catalogues and movies, the mail still matters. For some mail-dependent businesses, quick and cheap first-class mail service from the U.S. ...

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Fed holds off on further actions to help economy

WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve sketched a brighter picture of the economy Wednesday. As a result, it’s holding off on any new actions because stronger growth is giving it time to gauge the impact of steps it’s already taken. Fed ...

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Survey shows economic improvement in most regions of country

WASHINGTON — Most areas of the country reported slight economic improvement in September and early October, according to a Federal Reserve survey of its 12 bank regions. But several regions said a hazier economic outlook is making businesses more cautious ...

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