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TV commercials shrink to match attention spans

NEW YORK — And now, a word from our sponsors. A very brief word. TV commercials are shrinking along with attention spans and advertising budgets. The 15-second ad is increasingly common, gradually supplanting the 30-second spot just as it knocked ...

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Comcast drives growth with pricier bundles

NEW YORK — Comcast Corp., the country’s biggest cable TV company, continues to generate more money by attracting customers to pricier bundles of TV, Internet and phone service — even as a sluggish economy hampers efforts to sign up new ...

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Senate votes to turn down volume on TV commercials

WASHINGTON — Legislation to turn down the volume on those loud TV commercials that send couch potatoes diving for their remote controls looks like it’ll soon become law. The Senate unanimously passed a bill late Wednesday to require television stations ...

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Best and worst ad songs

AdWeek has come out with its ranking of the five best and five worst ad songs of all time. The “worst” list includes Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s “Lust for Life” by Iggy Pop, and Victoria’s Secret’s “Love Sick” by Bob ...

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