Nov 4, 2019

Bar passage rates rise in Md.’s first year using uniform exam

In Maryland’s first year using the Uniform Bar Examination, both the University of Maryland and the University of Baltimore law schools saw a significant improvement in bar passage rates.

Aug 16, 2019

Uniform Bar Exam focuses on topics that are common nationwide

The bar exam that would-be Maryland attorneys sat for last month — and that future bar applicants will take — was different from those taken by their forebears. Gone from the two-day test offered twice annually are essay questions related specifically to Maryland law and procedure. Maryland-specific questions are now asked separately, online, in a […]

Apr 14, 2017

Panel weighs Uniform Bar Examination expansion in Md.

As the legal profession gets more competitive for young attorneys and practices get more portable, the state’s legal community is weighing market demands with providing a bar exam that is fair to minorities. The decision on whether to adopt more of the Uniform Bar Examination ultimately will be made by the Court of the Appeals. […]

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