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Md.’s law schools tackle gender issues

‘Our society values women less than men, but we are educating a cohort of young lawyers who understand what is happening to them, and who will then have the power to change it,’ says Paula Monopoli, founding director of the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law’s Women, Leadership and Equality program. (File photo)

It’s 2018, yet the legal industry is facing a “gigantic” female talent drain, according to a partially released recent study commissioned by the American Bar Association, as women are leaving the profession in larger numbers and quicker than men.

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I’ve never been to Spain (or Cleveland) but I really like their co-ops

Generation JD Vocci

We need to create jobs that pay people a living wage. That is a baseline premise that should not be controversial. A “living wage” would provide a stable platform from which to push for wealth-building throughout Baltimore — an issue of particular significance in communities ...

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Maryland Entrepreneur’s Guide gets an update

It took about five years, a new wave of technology and almost 80 inches of snow to revamp a business-creation guidebook that debuted in the dot-com boom two decades back. The Maryland Entrepreneur’s Guide, a source for starting and maintaining ...

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