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Werdesheims seek delay, change of venue

Eliayahu and Avi Werdesheim, who were charged with beating a 15-year-old black male while patrolling a Baltimore neighborhood, asked for a change of venue Monday, citing publicity and parallels raised by the case against neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in ...

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Law digest: 1/9/12

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Administrative Law, LEOBR statute of limitations: After law enforcement officer knowingly made a material false statement during an investigation of prior misconduct, law enforcement agency had one year from the day the false statement came to ...

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Opinions – 1/9/12: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Civil Rights Fair Housing Amendments Act BOTTOM LINE: During mediation of dispute between disabled tenant and building management company, management company could not have violated Maryland Code, Article 49B §22(a)(9) by holding mediation meeting in a wheelchair-inaccessible location because tenant ...

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