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Baltimore gets ready for 4th of July, starting with the harbor

Volunteers from Morgan Stanley’s Baltimore office took part in a clean-up effort last week to help get a head start on making the Inner Harbor healthier by 2020. Volunteers worked with Waterfront Partnership staff to prepare for Baltimore’s Fourth of ...

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Retail sector adding jobs, but not always careers

Erin Abell left a job in finance to volunteer for John McCain’s presidential campaign in early 2008. She had hoped to return to the industry after the election, but by then Wall Street was on life support, and Abell had ...

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Joe Surkiewicz: Law schools bid for your attention — and your dollars

When guilt trips and plucking heartstrings fail to persuade private lawyers to take a pro bono case, volunteer their expertise to a nonprofit or write a check, then it’s time to roll out the heavy artillery. Go shopping. Or, to ...

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Joe Surkiewicz: Can’t take a pro bono case? Then offer your legal expertise

While attorneys know they have an ethical responsibility to serve the public — most notably, to help fellow citizens who can’t afford a lawyer with critical legal problems — the reality is that many don’t perform their pro bono duty. ...

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