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Laslo Boyd: Real fraud is in Pennsylvania voter ID law

The grass is not always greener on the other side of the Mason-Dixon Line. The saga of Pennsylvania’s voter ID law, which has involved all three branches of state government, is a cautionary tale of what happens when partisan politics comes unglued from any sense of limits.

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Judge denies stay in Maryland election robocalls civil suit

A federal judge has refused to halt a civil suit filed by Maryland’s attorney general over last-minute Election Day robocalls in the governor’s race. A lawyer for political operative Julius Henson sought the stay saying witnesses called before a grand ...

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Voter calculus changes in year of uncertainty

Everyone in politics says Election 2010 is all about turnout and excitement. If you’ve got the latter, the former might take care of itself. Might is the operative word. Forewarned by the upheaval in other states, prudent campaigns are furiously ...

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