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Editorial Advisory Board: Instead of veto override, work for meaningful redemption reform

We believe the Maryland General Assembly should abandon the override of Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto of Senate Bill 340 expanding voting rights to felons who have not completely served their sentences. Despite what override advocates suggest, the bill does little ...

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‘One person, one vote’ case divides Supreme Court

A divided U.S. Supreme Court grappled with the meaning of the “one person, one vote” principle, hearing arguments in a case that might transform the way legislative maps are drawn and reduce Hispanic clout in elections. The court is weighing ...

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Zirkin vows fight to override Hogan vetoes

The chairman of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee is vowing to seek overrides of at least two vetoed bills announced last week by Gov. Larry Hogan. Sen. Robert A. “Bobby” Zirkin, D-Baltimore County, said the General Assembly should move to ...

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Supporters, opponents make cases for Md. bills in limbo

A group of men with criminal convictions gathered outside the Baltimore office of Gov. Larry Hogan Monday looking for one thing — his signature on a bill. The bill, which would restore voting rights for ex-felons who have been released ...

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Early voting up in Md. over last governor’s race

Early voting turnout is up this year in Maryland compared with the last midterm election, and about 109,000 people cast ballots during the last two days of early voting, which ended Thursday night.

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Maryland ballot questions can be puzzling

Statewide ballot questions in Maryland can be head-scratchers, not just because of occasionally confusing legal language, but also because they do not always pertain to all voters across the state.

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Board responds to voter complaints about machines


The Maryland State Board of Elections announced Monday that it has examined fewer than 20 voting units after some voters reported that the machines displayed a different candidate than the one they selected during early voting.

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