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Board of Public Works reschedules meeting

Among the items what will be decided are a plan to spend $20 million transferred from the state's rainy day fund on expenses related to the riot and state of emergency in Baltimore following the funeral of Freddie Gray, who died while in the custody of Baltimore City police

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Analysts brief lawmakers on Maryland’s ‘doomsday’ budget

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland analysts have outlined nearly $800 million in additional budget cuts to fill budget gaps in case lawmakers can’t agree on new taxes or savings. Warren Deschenaux, director of the state’s Office of Policy Analysis, presented a wide-ranging ...

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Maryland credit rating, day three

The credit rating front has been quieter Wednesday with Maryland officials believing any Standard & Poor’s rating action will not come soon, if at all. Here are some of the things that didn’t quite make the stories in the dead-tree ...

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Maryland committee presses for debt ceiling deal

Maryland lawmakers urged their federal counterparts Thursday to raise the country’s debt limit without hashing out a deal to reduce the long-term debt and deficit. Del. Tom Hucker and Sen. Jennie M. Forehand, both Montgomery County Democrats and co-chairs of ...

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Top analyst says Md. should increase budget cushion

ANNAPOLIS — A top state budget analyst is recommending that Maryland lawmakers increase the state’s budget cushion to better weather financial uncertainty and address credit rating concerns. Warren Deschenaux gave lawmakers on a Senate committee a briefing Tuesday about Moody’s Investors ...

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Federal debt, deficit negotiations loom large in Maryland

Maryland’s top budgetary analyst told senators Tuesday the best defense against fiscal uncertainty at the federal level is to get the state’s own balance sheet in order. Warren Deschenaux urged the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee to address the state’s ...

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