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Coca-Cola’s newest drink is just a few drops

NEW YORK — Coca-Cola’s newest drink won’t come in a bottle or a can. And people will only need a squirt or two to quench their thirst. The world’s largest beverage company is introducing its Dasani Drops in coming weeks, ...

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Can fracking pollute water? Study tries to answer

PITTSBURGH — A new Department of Energy study may provide some of the first solid answers to an extremely controversial question: Do gas drilling fluids migrate and pose a threat to drinking water? Department spokesman Richard Hammack says a gas ...

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‘Fracking’ hits home (and business)

Glade Run rises from springs along the ridge a mile away and then flows through our valley. From my winery window, I see its black-soil banks wiggling across the spring green. In most places, I could jump across; were cows ...

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Moratorium called for Baltimore City water and sewer liens

A moratorium on placing liens on city houses solely for unpaid water or sewer charges will be introduced Monday night at the Baltimore City Council following a scathing audit that showed widespread problems in the city’s billing system. City Council ...

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Maryland gas-drilling panel starts 2nd round of work

ANNAPOLIS — A state panel is starting work in Annapolis on a second set of recommendations for natural-gas drilling in western Maryland. The Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission meets Friday afternoon in the House of Delegates Office Building. Gov. Martin O’Malley ...

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