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Wisp hopes fewer inches of snow means easier access, strong season

Maryland’s ski resort predicts more visitors this year, even if the weather doesn’t call for topping last winter’s blizzards. Wisp Resort in Garrett County hopes for a strong start of a season of growth by kicking off its 55th year ...

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United Nations, 100 countries to celebrate World Statistics Day

Those crime statistics in your county’s annual reports don’t compile themselves. And where do you think those average-normal seasonal temperatures come from? Well, the United Nations thinks it’s time everyone recognizes the statistics, and statisticians, that power our world. More ...

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Rising sea levels, weather could force population shift

WASHINGTON — Rising sea levels and violent weather caused by climate change could force some people in the Chesapeake Bay area inland in the coming decades, said a migration policy expert. “If you look at any of the maps that ...

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