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Maryland’s business with Wells Fargo up to attorney general, BPW

As some states are reconsidering their relationships with Wells Fargo after the revelation that it opened millions of unauthorized accounts for its customers, the issue of whether Maryland can do the same — and whether it will — has yet to be determined. Maryland ...

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Wells Fargo apologizes for ad campaign that minimizes the arts

In an attempt to promote its upcoming Teen Financial Education Day, Wells Fargo released a series of print ads with headlines including “A ballerina yesterday. An engineer today,” and “An actor yesterday. A botanist today.” All the ads came with ...

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Homebuilders feel more confident in December

U.S. homebuilders’ confidence bounced back strongly this month, a sign that construction and industry hiring may pick up in coming months. The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo builder sentiment index released Tuesday climbed to 58. That was up from ...

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Banks fall short in helping struggling homeowners

WASHINGTON — Homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure must wait too long for their loan modification applications to be reviewed by some of the nation’s top mortgage servicers, according to a report released Wednesday. Such delays can plunge borrowers deeper in ...

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