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Baltimore grapples with including poor residents in smart city ambitions

There’s a particular image Sheri Parks recalls from researching what residents in Baltimore’s low-income neighborhoods want from smart cities technology: children, crowded around school buildings after dismissal, with cellphones out, doing homework because of limited access to fast, reliable Wi-Fi at home or in their neighborhood.

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FCC: Wi-Fi firm blocked mobile hotspots at Baltimore venue

The Federal Communications Commission plans to fine the Baltimore Convention Center’s Wi-Fi provider $718,000 for allegedly blocking personal Wi-Fi hotspots at the venue for a 26-day period last year, a charge the company disputes. Virginia-based M.C. Dean Inc., an electrical design-build ...

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FCC fines Marriott for blocking hotspots

(Bloomberg) Marriott International Inc., the Bethesda-based hotel company, was fined $600,000 by the Federal Communications Commission for blocking hotel customers from connecting to the Internet on personal Wi-Fi networks in order to force them to pay for the hotel’s networks. ...

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Google pays $7M fine to settle Wi-Fi privacy case

SAN FRANCISCO — Google will pay a $7 million fine to settle a multistate investigation into the Internet search leader’s interception of emails, passwords and other sensitive information sent several years ago over unprotected wireless neighborhoods scattered throughout the world. ...

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