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Microsoft revamps Office for tablets, Internet

SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft unveiled a new version of its widely used, lucrative suite of word processing, spreadsheet and email programs, one designed specifically with tablet computers and Internet-based storage in mind. Like an upcoming redesign of Microsoft’s Windows operating ...

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Learning to love Word 2010

In the past few years, many lawyers have migrated from WordPerfect to Word. Back in school I was a Word guy, but we used WordPerfect in my first legal job. As time went on, my firm realized that much of ...

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Amendment of pleadings

Technology should make our lives easier. I have only used typewriters a handful of times in my life, but I love hearing from older attorneys about how difficult it was to type up a pleading — make an error, and that ...

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Fun with pleadings

My Type A personality usually comes out when I have to deal with electronic pleadings.  I have a specific way I like pleadings to be done — from the caption to the paragraphs to the page numbering.  If it is ...

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United Nations, 100 countries to celebrate World Statistics Day

Those crime statistics in your county’s annual reports don’t compile themselves. And where do you think those average-normal seasonal temperatures come from? Well, the United Nations thinks it’s time everyone recognizes the statistics, and statisticians, that power our world. More ...

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