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The 71-hour day and other billing practices

There’s alternative billing, as my colleague Danielle Ulman wrote about in Monday’s paper, and then there just might be Glenn C. Lewis’ alleged billing practices. Lewis had days with as many as 71 billable hours, and in a 16-month period ...

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Is Big Law dead?

A few years ago I was chatting with a local attorney whom I’d gotten to know in my technology reporting days. He and a few colleagues were leaving their big law firm to start a Baltimore office of another firm. ...

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How not to get hired

Our sister publication Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly’s blog has an interesting tale of “A job application gone very, very awry.” (Sidebar: Why is it that the only familial relationships newspapers have with one another is sister? There are no uncle publications? ...

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Ripped from the headlines

On this Take Your Child to Work Day, I remember the time in August 2008 when my daughter — a fan of the televison show Law & Order — tagged along as I covered a double-murder trial in Montgomery County. I ...

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A straight-shooting want ad

Above the Law uncovered this job posting from Craigslist, which seeks an associate for a law firm in Germantown, Md. Had the ad been posted today rather than Tuesday, I might have suspected an April Fool’s joke, but it does ...

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