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Furloughed workers seeking unemployment pay in D.C.

WASHINGTON — Federal workers who are furloughed because of the government shutdown are filing for unemployment benefits. Najla Haywood, a spokeswoman for the D.C. Department of Employment Services, says all initial claims for unemployment should be filed online due to ...

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Government shutdown would hurt workers, Md. economy

WASHINGTON — A possible government shutdown starting Tuesday would cause federal agencies in Maryland to close or seriously cut back operations, resulting in significant hardship for federal workers, as well as declining economic output and lower tax revenue for the ...

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Civil service rights limited for ‘sensitive’ jobs

WASHINGTON — A divided federal appeals court has ruled that government employees involved in sensitive but noncritical national security work aren’t entitled to a key civil service protection available to other government workers. The 7-3 ruling Tuesday by the U.S. ...

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Employers eager for new foreign worker program

WASHINGTON — As desperate as unemployed Americans are to find work, there are still some jobs that many would never consider applying for because they are seen as too dirty, too demanding or just plain unappealing. But employers that struggle ...

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Judge rules for Inner Harbor ESPN Zone workers in WARN Act lawsuit

The Walt Disney Co. and Zone Enterprises of Maryland LLC owe employees of the former ESPN Zone in the Inner Harbor back pay for shutting down in 2010 without giving the notices required by federal law.

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