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Tag Archives: work/life balance

Finding ways to stay active

Although I consider myself a healthy-ish person, I'm simply not active enough. Between juggling family and work, it is mission impossible to find enough time in my day to escape to the gym. As a busy trial lawyer, being active and always eating healthy becomes a struggle. Enter the Fitbit.

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Babe Ruth, milestone birthdays, and a thousand little dots

It's easy to look at your latest legal victory and pat yourself on the back. But building a practice is more than your last victory. It’s building a reputation. It’s building a list of long-term clients by helping them with their latest issues (or looking around corners and navigating them before they have any problems).

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Tree talk

Divya Potdar

If you need a change of pace from the daily legal grind, look to your local neighborhood association for creative ways of serving your area, meeting new neighbors and having a lasting impact on your community.

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