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Let the holiday parties begin

I lost count of the number of various holiday-related events that I have been invited to so far this month. You’ve got office holiday parties, holiday parties thrown by organizations that you are involved with, bar association holiday parties, local ...

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Charles C. Haynes: Workers’ cruel choice: Your God or your job

In hard economic times, American workers may be willing to forgo pay raises and pensions to keep their jobs. Just don’t ask them to abandon their faith. Consider the case of Abdulkadir Omar, a security guard in Kent, Wash., who ...

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I’m on my lunch break … at my desk

What do hunger pains and your workload have in common? Lots, according to a recent online poll. Slightly less than half of employees queried in an August poll by Right Management and LinkedIn said they take a break for lunch ...

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Be glad you don’t work with this guy

Offices are no doubt buzzing today over the news that an autistic teenager from the Chicago area correctly picked every game in the first two rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament. The odds of doing so are about one in ...

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