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Katelynn Michelle Gallagher v. State of Maryland

I. Did the trial court err by accepting appellant’s waiver of her right to a jury trial where the court failed to ensure that she was acting knowingly? II. Did the trial court err in convicting appellant of speeding and driving on a revoked and suspended license where appellant acted out of necessity caused by a medical emergency?

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Plumbers & Pipefitters National Pension Fund et al. v. Consortium Atlantic Realty Trust, Inc. et al.

This case seeks our determination of the meaning of the terms “prior appraisals” and “fair market value” in the withdrawal provisions of a shareholder agreement (the “Agreement”). CART Inc., a Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”), and a group of pension funds (collectively, the “Funds”) that were seeking an investment vehicle entered into the Agreement in 2006.

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In Re: Rachel Schweitzer, etc.

1. Did the circuit court abuse its discretion in concluding that the best interest of the child would not be served by granting the petition to change her surname? 2. Did the circuit court err in not seeking the child’s testimony when the mother’s offer to make the child available to the court was made after the hearing had concluded?

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Marion S. Blades v. Norman C. Blades, Jr.

This is the fourth appeal to this Court by appellant, Marion S. Blades (“Marion”). The case was initiated in 2002 with the filing of a Complaint for Limited Divorce by Norman C. Blades, Jr (“Norman”). The parties were divorced on January 3, 2007 and Marion was awarded indefinite alimony, the amount of which is the subject of her current appeal.

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Appellant raises three issues on appeal of his convictions of robbery and related offenses. In addition to challenging the evidence supporting his convictions and an evidentiary ruling on hearsay, he alleges that the Circuit Court f failed to provide an adequate number of prospective jurors.

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