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Too big to fail? Betting a billion on East Baltimore

DAY 5: An uncertain future The New East Baltimore project stands at a crossroads as it enters its second decade. [MORE]Day 4: The education solution The latest hopes of success for The New East Baltimore project are housed in…[MORE]

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Day 2: The muddled money trail East Baltimore Development Inc. has spent $6.4 million per acre since 2002 to…[MORE]

Day 1: A dream derailed The nation’s largest urban redevelopment, a projected $1.8 billion effort to transform 88 acres of East Baltimore into a world-class…[MORE]

Federal Tax Forms, documents, annual reports, investment reports and EBDI’s response to the series

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  1. Rising Deaths in East Baltimore – Our Request to HEBCAC

    Covenant Community Association
    915 N. Luzerne Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21205
    443-527-7142 – – [email protected]

    Mr. Grant, and HEBCAC I will always respect you highly as a person of great integrity. I am asked to step down as chair of HEBCAC because it was told to me that Hopkins want a person who will bring funding and a recognizable presence and to accept the findings and outcomes as a guide line for the future of HEBCAC done by a firm funded by Casey foundation. However, I must and will continue the efforts to help community leader’s families, children, and seniors of their neighborhoods whom sit as board members of HEBCAC which includes Mr. Henderson, Mrs. Broadwater, Mrs. Booker, Mrs. Hopkins, and myself Mr. Elroy Christopher presently acting chair of HEBCAC. I have asked that there be a postponement of the appointment of board chair until we resolve some of these issues. Please give the community members whom have rolled up their sleeves over the years to make HEBCAC what it is now. Our members have worked until sickness has taken their lives but never giving up for the cause.. We have supported HEBCAC in every project they have taken on in understanding that we would be given support on project within our communities. I ask that you please look at our request that we have given to HEBCAC that we desire. It is very easy to do something such as a project that comes along but does it address the issues that we and community board members and community at large are working towards. We have worked very hard and have impacted the neighborhood around Hopkins and HEBCAC projects. This is a cry for help with dignity. Please make every effort you can with your relationships that may help foster the relationships of the communities, Hopkins, and other partners.
    I understand that Hopkins and HEBCAC share a great partnership but we cannot just ignore the needed support for community grassroots .board members that bring a wealth of commitment, knowledge, and steadfastness.
    It has been an honor to serve for HEBCAC with some exception. I feel strongly that the community board members should have their proposals for their neighborhood addressed and done. Also as big as the boundaries are we could help assist and be more of a value to other organizations. I urge HEBCAC to be a partner that helps bring about a change in our communities. We have asked for the last several years of community projects that are critical and would help strengthen us as we continue to help support HEBCAC. That has not been the case. Please review our requests. We have been dedicated to a cause of rescuing the children and helping the seniors for over 30 years with little but making a difference. We have put our lives on the line to help make it safe for the development of 901 N. Milton. There we would have our community center and technology place for community. We have neither now without documents that support this commitment.

    Projects that the community Board member support and continue to support.
    Mica – Robert wood Johnson – incubator millions of dollars- Station East Millions of dollars- Northeast market millions of dollars – Main street millions of dollars– EBDI, Vocational Project for diamond press additional 200,000.00 – 901 N. Milton build with understanding that community gets community center and Technology program with supported overhead from built in resources from vendors. – Day Spring millions of dollars – Dees Place millions of dollars and Yo program millions of dollars. Transfer of 500000 to a Hopkins bank for credibility to sustain the relationship with Johns Hopkins. All community board members over the past 20 years received an estimate of probably less than 500000 dollars.
    I am very humble and proud to continue to be a servant of God to our children and seniors. We all want the same thing but it is how we go about doing it.
    Love you all
    Mr. Chris

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