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Karen Singer

Singer, KarenMF07Karen Singer

Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Corporate Office Properties Trust

Karen Singer heads the legal team and is on the executive board for COPT, a publicly traded real estate investment trust whose portfolio includes 164 office properties. In those capacities, she has plays a critical role in developing the trust’s corporate governance practices.

She has mentored attorneys through Network 2000’s mentoring program, and is currently or previously a member of several nonprofit boards, including Jewish Volunteer Services, Art with a Heart and Esophageal Cancer Action Network. She is the founder of Something Good, a weekend, hands-on volunteer initiative.

Why Maryland?

The better question for me is “why anywhere but Maryland?” As a lifelong Baltimorean, I am proud to call Maryland my personal and professional home. Having lived on the same street, within one-half mile, for my entire life (except for college and law school), I enjoy asking people where they went to elementary school and I most definitely love Utz potato chips, crab cakes, and both Berger and Otterbein cookies.  I certainly enjoy welcoming newcomers into our dynamic community and I absolutely do not think that you need to be born here to be considered a Baltimorean. I love playing Small-timore geography and making connections. Relationship building is one of the things I enjoy most. Helping a newcomer integrate into our fabulous community, having many resources to share and learning from old-timers and new-comers has all been integral to both my professional and civic endeavors.  And, of course, being close (very close) to family has been a constant throughout my life. I love both having cheerleaders and being the cheerleader, as the case may be!


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