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Sheryl Davis Kohl

Davis Kohl, SherlyMF38Sheryl Davis Kohl


Beacon Staffing Alternatives Inc.

For 30 years, Sheryl Davis Kohl’s Aberdeen-based business has served Baltimore area companies that needed workers in fields from IT to manufacturing to human resources. The business started as a franchise, but she separated from the franchisor and re-established the company as a family-run operation.

She is active a number of several Harford County community groups, including the liquor control board and the Aberdeen and Harford County chambers of commerce.

Why Maryland?

I grew up in Maryland and attended elementary, middle school and high school in Maryland. I went to undergraduate school at Albright College in Pennsylvania and then came back home to earn a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Baltimore and to start working in the family business. Our company just celebrated 30 years in the staffing business in Maryland! It’s given me the ability to volunteer and serve on boards in the local community, to pay it forward and assist with the success of community members.


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