stein-bonniemf13newBonnie Stein

Jemma Financial Services
Jemma Everyday

Bonnie Stein aims to empower women to take control of their financial future and accomplishes this through her business, Jemma Financial Services, which serves women of all ages, backgrounds and financial ability.

Seeking a reach beyond her clients, Stein also launched a website, Jemma Everyday.

Stein is the board chair of the University of Maryland Foundation and the Greater Baltimore Healthcare System. She volunteers with PNC Bank’s Grow Up Great initiative and regularly collects donations for holiday clothing and food drives.

How have you made Maryland a better place?

“My mother always taught me the importance of leaving things better than I found them. I have achieved this by actively mentoring, recruiting and seeking out talented diverse candidates to mentor and then recommending them for board service/positions within our community. The best part of The Daily Record events is seeing the recognition of so many of these young women who have chosen to continue the challenge to leave things better then they found them!”

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