pastore-klein-nicole12newHon. Nicole Pastore-Klein

Baltimore City District Court

In response to citizens’ call for more jobs and opportunities after the April 2015 unrest, Hon. Nicole Pastore-Klein introduced the District Court Re-Entry Project (DCREP) to connect ex-offenders to training and advancement within 14 existing programs.

Since August 2016, Pastore-Klein has referred nearly 30 individuals to the now citywide program, which held a graduation this past March for its first 10 successful participants.

Pastore-Klein volunteers with Notre Dame Preparatory School and as a Law Day speaker.

How have you made Maryland a better place?

“Baltimore is my home, and I wanted to help find a way for the courts to help men and women who are rehabilitating their lives. The answer has been DCREP. As a judge, I have been in a unique position to refer willing defendants to work skills training programs straight from the courtroom and monitor their progress. By providing ex-offenders with job training and placement, the DCREP reduces recidivism and helps these individuals become productive members of society.”

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