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Maryland’s new legislation to end youth homelessness

There are some organizations that assist young adults as they transition out of foster care or attempt to support youth who have already aged out of foster care and are currently homeless or at risk for homelessness.

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Richard Wolf

Often overlooked implications of the new tax law

The major change under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the elimination of the tax deductibility of alimony payments, has been thoroughly examined. But there are other impacts of the TCJA that have gotten less attention.

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Considered judgment and representing child clients in CINA proceedings in Maryland

Thomas is 13 years old with no cognitive disabilities. He disclosed to a teacher that his mother often beats him with brooms and belts. Thomas ...

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The rise of ‘the hybrid’ in legal support staffs

If hybrid legal support people aren’t on your radar, chances are good they will be soon.

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