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Child Advocacy: Applying Family Law §9-101 in CINA cases

A Child In Need of Assistance (“CINA”) requires the Juvenile Court’s protection, because the court has determined that the child was abused and/or neglected and ...

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The court sought to provide greater guidance for lawyers and judges as to what constitutes unconscionable disparity. (Depositphotos)

Who pays? A tutorial on fee shifting in divorce cases

RICHMOND, VA — While outlining a five-factor framework for domestic relations fee shifting, a Fairfax County judge nonetheless decided this month that the factors weighed ...

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Calling all empty nesters: Children need you

PHOENIX, AZ — I read an article about nurses and doctors coming out of retirement in droves under an emergency measure allowing them to administer ...

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Elizabeth J. McInturrf: Will your ex’s cohabitation end your alimony obligation?

Have you had this happen – a client complains that their ex is now living with a new boyfriend or girlfriend and asks if they ...

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