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Elizabeth J. McInturff: Religious coercion and enforcement of an agreement (access required)

Many couples seek our guidance on prenuptial, postnuptial and separation agreements. As with any other contract, Maryland courts generally will enforce these agreements applying traditional ...

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Child Advocacy: Foster care and concurrent permanency plans (access required)

Foster care is meant to be “a temporary service for short-term care and supportive services to children who are unable to live at home because ...

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Why you might want a prenup for that diamond engagement ring (access required)

When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged the first time, in 2002, he gave her a very pricey ring. That engagement ring was reportedly ...

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Child Advocacy: School attendance, children’s needs and parental obligations (access required)

The COVID-19 pandemic created a unique opportunity to examine important data points concerning the education of children in kindergarten through 12th grade in Maryland’s public ...

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