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Child Advocacy: Conserving the resources of transitioning youth

Over 250,000 children are placed in the foster care system in the United States every year. Among these, more than 23,000 youth will “age out” ...

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Juvenile justice system is stacked against poor families

Navigating the juvenile justice system can be daunting for any family. After absorbing the shock of a child’s arrest, families often face an intricate, pernicious ...

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The alternative dispute resolution every party should consider

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — While most lawyers agree there are both benefits and potential pitfalls to certain types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as arbitration, ...

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Matrimonial Matters: Children’s activities and child support

ROCHESTER, New York — Over the past few years — at least in this part of the state — divorce settlements have more and more ...

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