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Barbara Grzincic is managing editor at The Daily Record and edits TDR's Maryland Family Law Update.

Attorney disbarred for failing to pay child support

A six-figure failure to pay child support warranted disbarment of an attorney after more than 20 years in practice. "The duty of a parent to support his or her children is no less important than the duty of an attorney to act responsibly when handling client funds...," the Kentucky Supreme Court said. "Furthermore, as officers of the court, attorneys have a duty to follow court orders, and we have disbarred attorneys for, in part, failing to do so.”

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EOB: Now lawmakers know what you know

Our May 2014 Q&A with Ferrier Stillman, “What family lawyers need to know about the EOB law,” was used this week to help brief the Health Insurance Subcommittee on implementing the Explanation of Benefits law that passed last session

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