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NFL playoffs spark O’Malley-Brown wager

It’s become pretty commonplace: with two playoff teams set to face each other, a mayor, county executive or governor makes some sort of wager with a counterpart in the rival city, county or state.

But even with the teams still a month away from potentially facing each other in the Super Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins have stoked a rivalry between Maryland executive branch buddies Gov. Martin O’Malley and Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown.

Sort of.

Brown, who once represented Prince George’s County in the House of Delegates, says he supports both teams that play their home games in Maryland but is a Redskins fan first.

O’Malley, a former mayor of Baltimore, is so enamored of the Ravens that he released a statement Wednesday when inside linebacker Ray Lewis announced his retirement after 17 years in the NFL.

So here’s the wager: if the Redskins make it further than the Ravens in the playoffs, O’Malley must wear a ‘Skins jersey at the Feb. 6 Board of Public Works meeting. If the Ravens make it further, Brown will be wearing purple.

Brown says he can’t wait to see O’Malley “draped in the burgundy and gold.” O’Malley says he wishes both teams luck, “at least until the ‘Beltway’ Super Bowl.”

No word on what happens if both teams lose in the opening round Sunday.

The Ravens will host the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at 1 p.m., while the Redskins will host the Seattle Seahawks at 4:30 p.m.

The teams would have to win Sunday and then twice more to meet in the Super Bowl in New Orleans on Feb. 3.