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Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile is a new wireless service designed to meet the evolving needs of its customers. Today, many people use their smartphone first to connect to the internet and require data plans to meet those needs, while using the actual telephone as a secondary use.

According to Comcast, up to 80 percent of smartphone data traffic in the U.S. travels over Wi-Fi. In order to allow customers to cut back on more costly data usage and provide a better wireless experience, the company now has more than 17 million hotspots throughout the country.

Xfinity Mobile was first announced in April 2017, with online sales beginning in May and its retail introduction beginning in July. The new service provides customers with 100 MB of shared data across all lines on the account to start, with further data options including an “Unlimited” plan and a “By the Gig” plan for $12 per GB of shared cellular data across all lines of an account each month.

Xfinity Mobile also takes a different approach to customer service, providing a dedicated group of employees who interact with customers via text all day, every day—a first for the wireless industry.

With the launch of Xfinity Mobile, Comcast said it has successfully achieved its mission of providing customers with an innovative wireless service that fits their specific needs.

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