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Criminal procedure — Motion to suppress evidence — Traffic stop

In Johnson v. State, this Court considered whether the Circuit Court for Montgomery County erred in denying Casey Johnson’s motion to suppress evidence that police seized pursuant to a warrantless search of the trunk of her car during a traffic stop. 232 Md. App. 241, 243-44 (2017), vacated, State v. Johnson, 458 Md. 519 (2018). We held that “[t]he factual circumstances surrounding the stop of Johnson’s vehicle fell short of establishing probable cause that she was transporting contraband in the trunk of her car.” Id. at 271. Earlier this year, the Court of Appeals vacated our judgment, holding that our decision “fail[ed] to view, in their entirety, the facts and circumstances that led the police to search the trunk of [Johnson’s] car.” Johnson, 458 Md. at 543. That Court then remanded the case, so that we could consider Johnson’s remaining question presented …

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