SBLC, a Baltimore nonprofit that for 30 years has provided adults an avenue to obtain functional literacy, life skills training, career preparation services and several pathways to a high school diploma, has appointed Sid Wilson as executive director.

Before joining SBLC, Wilson served as director of strategic partnerships and career placements with NPower Maryland, a national nonprofit providing young adults and military veterans with technology skills training and career placement. Wilson also served as director of business services with the Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation. In addition, he spent 11 years at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, where he received multiple Exceptional Achievement Awards while advancing to a variety of sales and operations leadership roles.

Wilson holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and sociology from Morgan State University. He is a volunteer with iMentor Baltimore.


Sid Wilson, executive director of SBLC


Resides in:

White Marsh


Bachelor of Science in business administration and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in sociology from Morgan State University

If you had not chosen your current profession, what other profession would you choose and why?

My other profession would have been in the communications and broadcast industry — in particular a radio disc jockey. I have a passion for discussing the backstory of emerging musicians and the art they create. I have an extensive vinyl collection that ranges from jazz, soul, hip hop and much more. Music consumes most hours of my day.

Favorite vacation:

My favorite place to vacation is Trinidad & Tobago. I have visited this beautiful island at least five times in my life. I am surprised that it continues to be overlooked as a tourist attraction. The beaches maintain a natural beauty, and the local culture is always jovial and warm. It is the perfect place to accomplish a mental “reset” from the live-to-work culture here in America

When I want to relax, I …:

There are a few activities that help me relax. Driving alone with music as my companion is one that comes top of mind. Another favorite pastime is watching movies with my daughters. However, if I am feeling over stimulated, meditation is my medicine of choice.

Favorite book:

I have so many favorite books, but at the moment, I’m rereading “Start With Why,” by Simon Sinek. As a self-proclaimed servant leader, this book reminds me that it’s actions that inspire others. The inspirational leader feels passionate about the vision and mission of the organization. When building a team, I’m primarily focused on what motivates the potential team member, what drives them to pursue their goals.

Favorite quotation:

“To measure a leader, put a tape around his heart, not his head” — John C. Maxwell

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