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Joann A. Boughman

Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student affairs
University System of Maryland

As senior vice chancellor for academic and student affairs at the University System of Maryland, Joann A. Boughman finds her job invigorating and humbling. In her position for nearly a decade, she helps to build the future and prepare educated citizens and the work- force of tomorrow.

Boughman previously served as executive vice president for the American Society of Human Genetics. She was also vice president for research and dean of the graduate school for the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB), and University of Maryland, Balti- more County, for four years.

How has your organization and your work changed because of the pandemic?

The safety of our campuses is always a priority but monumental changes required during COVID have been stunning. As coordinator of the USM pandemic response, I focus daily on methods to improve outcomes. The pivot to emergency remote teaching showed how adaptive faculty and students can be. The complexities of caring for those on campus have been eye-opening but collaboration across campuses helped us quickly discover best practices.

What is the biggest challenge your organization now faces?

We must evaluate new approaches in teaching — retaining improved outcomes and adapting to new realities. After months out of the classroom, we have serious concerns about current students who may have lost knowledge and skills and we must focus on preparation levels of incoming college students too. Our challenge is to identify gaps and help students make up for any losses in content.