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Rachel Tate

tate-rachel05mfRachel Tate

Program Specialist for Autism

Montgomery County Public Schools


Since 2010, Rachel Tate has taught students with special needs, first as an inclusion special education teacher in Prince George’s County public schools and currently as an autism specialist for Montgomery County public schools.

Tate also has served as a Special Olympics coach and as mentor for identified at-risk youth. She considers her most significant professional accomplishments to be teaching a medically fragile student how to walk and helping non-verbal students gain their voices through sign language. Through her work, she hopes to encourage the community at large to accept and engage disabled students so that they, too, feel included in daily life.

“All students that are severe to profoundly disabled should be encouraged to participate in functional life skills that can give them independence and encourage them to participate in their communities,” Tate said. “It is important that their families and they have a voice within our world and that we encourage them to be active participating citizens.”

Tate has served on instructional leadership teams at Duckworth Regional School and Albert Einstein High School. She holds a master’s degree in special education from Western Governor’s University and a post-graduate certificate from McDaniel College.