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Aug 28, 2013

Grand Prix fixed? Future uncertain

The race is on — and, some say, so is the pressure. As the third Grand Prix of Baltimore approaches, both supporters and opponents of the downtown street race are watching to see whether the three-day event will establish itself as a permanent summer fixture of the Inner Harbor. But J.P. Grant, who is financially supporting as well as helping orchestrate the event, said he is trying not to focus[...]

Jul 26, 2012

Andretti OK with starting second

On the track, it’s about being first. Off the track, sometimes second is better.

Jul 5, 2012

Grand Prix track construction to start July 30

Organizers of the Grand Prix of Baltimore plan to construct the race track in 32 days, working during the night to make the 12-turn, 2-mile circuit come together. Construction will begin near the intersection of Light and Conway streets on July 30, said Tony Cotman, president and founder of NZR Consulting, the Indianapolis-based race circuit […]

Sep 5, 2011

Baltimore: Were you Prixpared?

After months of work, Baltimore finally hosted the Grand Prix. Those of us who live here have survived the road work and other preparations — minor inconveniences. The past few days, however, we faced the major inconveniences. One of the legal listservs I subscribe to had a number of comments from Baltimore-based firms on Thursday, […]

Sep 1, 2011

A final speed bump for Grand Prix

Here at last. After 18 months of planning, racing begins Friday for what organizers hope to be the first of many Baltimore Grand Prix weekends. City officials are expecting at least 100,000 visitors to watch cars race along a 2.1-mile course over downtown streets. But things did not go smoothly for commuters Thursday morning. Road […]

Dec 7, 2010

Baltimore Grand Prix organizers make $250K payment

Baltimore Grand Prix organizers made a $250,000 payment to the Maryland Stadium Authority on Nov. 30 as part of the plan to pay for the $1.9 million project to convert parking lots at Camden Yards to a pit lane for the races. An $800,000 payment into an escrow account was originally due on Oct. 1, […]

Sep 2, 2009

American Le Mans Series weighs in on Baltimore grand prix hopes

After Tuesday’s story about the potential cost to Baltimore to host a grand prix-style race along city streets, I received an e-mail from the vice president of public relations for the American Le Mans Series of auto racing. (The series brought a car race to Washington, D.C.’s RFK Stadium parking lot in 2002 but did […]

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