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Author Archives: Editorial Advisory Board

Editorial Advisory Board: A misguided anti-crime bill

Violent crime is out of control in Baltimore. The homicide rate is above 300 for the seventh year running, and Gov. Larry Hogan is frustrated that no one has been able to stop the murders. A couple of weeks ago ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: An alarming sentence

More than 30  years ago, under the leadership and support of then Maryland Chief Judge Robert Murphy, the Maryland Judiciary and the Bar of Maryland collaborated on an examination of the status of women in the legal profession and, more ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Digging deeper into the do not call list

In its recent decision regarding Baltimore City’s State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s opposition to releasing the names of compromised Baltimore City police officers,  the Maryland Court of Special Appeals ruled that Mosby must release the list of police officers whom she ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Unfinished juvenile justice reform

During its last session, the Maryland General Assembly passed a landmark bill, the Juvenile Restoration Act. This law now allows juveniles who were charged as adults and have been imprisoned for at least 20 years to file a motion to ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Overseeing Baltimore’s inspector general

The performance review of Baltimore Inspector General Isabel Mercedes Cumming has been ongoing for many months. It started in July, with a completion target of September or October. The task remains incomplete. The end of October is upon us. Given ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: It’s time to drop COA’s judicial districts

Gov. Larry Hogan has the opportunity next year to place two more judges on Maryland’s Court of Appeals.  Judge Robert N. McDonald will reach the mandatory retirement age of 70 on Feb. 23, and Chief Judge Joseph M. Getty will ...

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