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Author Archives: Matthew Thomas Vocci

Of Counsel at Williams & Santoni, LLP. Recently made the leap to the full-time representation of individuals who have suffered injuries, civil rights violations or were victims of consumer fraud.

Tenants rights = human rights

Maryland Legal Aid's new findings present another stark reminder of the difficulties faced by the poor and working class people in our state.

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Fall in love with Maryland

Visiting real natural wonders right here in Maryland certainly was one of the best parts of my year.

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In defense of taxes, functioning government edition

We just marked off another Tax Day on the calendar. Some greet the day on which federal and state income tax returns are due with glee — think accountants wrapping up a long, tiring season and those getting large returns. ...

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Commentary: Override the governor’s veto and expand voting rights

In the coming days, the Maryland Senate has the opportunity to override Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto of Senate Bill 340, which would allow those who have been released from prison to vote in elections. Senators should seize the opportunity and ...

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