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Maryland high court disbars Annapolis attorney for lying to client

A unanimous Maryland high court has disbarred an Annapolis attorney who compounded his failure to file an appeal as promised by not only declining to tell his business client about the court’s resulting dismissal of the case but then lying about trying to reinstate the appeal.

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Towson lawyer’s love of dogs leads to novel idea

Along with balancing holiday preparations and her work for a Towson real estate firm, Kimberly A. Manuelides has also spent the last month participating in book signings for her novel, “Getting Home.” “I was just so giddy about the whole ...

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Garrett County lawyer convicted of falsifying deeds, mortgages

A Garrett County attorney was convicted Friday by a federal jury of bank fraud and related offenses. Angela M. Blythe, 51, an Oakland solo practitioner, will be sentenced in December. Blythe, 51, was indicted in December 2014 for using false ...

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Disbarred for being a luddite? It could happen.

Scott MacMullan

“I’m not a technology person.” “I have someone in my firm that handles that technology stuff.” “I remember the times when pencils were technology.” “I just learned how to fax!” Sound familiar? Lots of lawyers are either ignorant to technology ...

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