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Regulators to ban banks trading for profit

WASHINGTON — Banks would be barred from trading for their own profit instead of their clients under a rule federal regulators proposed Tuesday. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. backed the draft rule on a 3-0 vote. The ban on so-called ...

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D.C. gun restrictions upheld on appeal

WASHINGTON — The District of Columbia can bar residents from owning assault weapons and require them to register their handguns without violating the Second Amendment, but the district must explain further why its numerous handgun registration requirements are necessary, a ...

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Mandel and Sauerbrey: Let’s move cautiously on septic measures

In his State of the State address last month, Gov. Martin O’Malley called for a ban on traditional septic systems in housing developments with five or more units. For single homes or smaller developments without access to public sewers, he’s ...

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Ban on felt-soled waders in Md. streams has retailers scrambling

Maryland will become the first state to ban the felt-soled fishing boots that an invasive algae uses to travel from stream to stream. But the ban will have consumers scrambling to replace gear and retailers left with boots they can ...

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