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Court of Appeals asked to review denial of visitation following same-sex divorce

The former same-sex partner of a child’s mother has asked Maryland’s top court to review lower-court decisions denying that person the parental rights of custody and visitation, though the decision to conceive the child was mutual and the couple married — but later divorced — after the child’s birth.

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In Re: Rachel Schweitzer, etc.

1. Did the circuit court abuse its discretion in concluding that the best interest of the child would not be served by granting the petition to change her surname? 2. Did the circuit court err in not seeking the child’s testimony when the mother’s offer to make the child available to the court was made after the hearing had concluded?

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Top court OKs termination of parental rights while CINA appeal was underway

Judges can permanently strip parents of their rights to their children even while the parents are appealing an order in the underlying foster-care case, Maryland’s top court ruled Tuesday.

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Parental rights’ case dismissed; chief judge objects

Over the vehement dissent of its chief judge, Maryland’s top court on Monday declined to decide whether circuit court judges can terminate parental rights while the parent is appealing an earlier judicial order that changed the permanency plan for their child from foster care.

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Bill would restrict custody rights of convicted child sex-abusers

ANNAPOLIS – Several Maryland legislators are pushing for stricter limits on custody and visitation rights for parents convicted of sex crimes. Last week, the Judicial Proceedings Committee heard a bill from Sen. Richard Colburn, R-Caroline, which would prevent courts from ...

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Md. Court of Appeals: Child’s best interests are ‘transcendent’

Calling a child’s best interests “transcendent,” Maryland’s top court has ordered a Baltimore juvenile court to reconsider its decision allowing a mother with a history of neglect to retain parental rights. The Court of Appeals said the lower court “erroneously” ...

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