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Canceled flights piling up with Northeast snow

Airlines are canceling hundreds of flights in the snowy Northeast, but they say travelers won’t face the same nightmare that occurred right after a Christmas weekend storm. It will be easier to find new seats for stranded passengers because planes ...

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Holiday travelers benefit from spread-out season

NEW YORK — As travelers take to road, air and sky in the sometimes-hectic last days before Christmas, they should keep one thing in mind: It could be worse. Planes took off into windy but accommodating skies Thursday morning at ...

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Holiday window displays in NYC range from tech to traditional

NEW YORK — It’s a Christmastime tradition for shoppers, New Yorkers and tourists alike: Checking out store windows decorated for the holidays. Many of this year’s windows use high-tech displays to showcase traditional stories and symbols of the season. At ...

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A little help from the feds

Remember the December blizzard? It happened about four or five feet of snow ago, before “snowmageddon” and having to take your life in your hands every time you navigate the snow mountains on your street. The federal government — now ...

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The very specific cost of snow removal

What is the city paying private contractors for snow removal? Eighty-five cents an hour, if they’re using a rowboat. Earlier today we were over at the city’s “Snow Room” listening to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, along with the heads of the ...

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