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Purple Line announcement coming Monday (access required)

State officials are planning a major announcement about the Purple Line, an east-west light rail line that would connect New Carrollton in Prince George's County to Bethesda in Montgomery County.

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In Prince George’s County, your gas tax dollars at work (access required)

Branch Avenue

Gov. Martin O’Malley and other elected officials came here Monday to talk up a few long-languishing transportation projects now on the move, apparently thanks to a new state tax on gasoline.

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Letters to the Editor – 4/23/13 (access required)

More surreal than the three ironies cited by Laslo Boyd in his April 14 column regarding Towson Athletics [“Three shades of irony – the politics of Towson athletics”] is his curious failure to disclose his role as chief of staff to Interim President Marcia Welsh, which occurred at the onset of Mike Waddell's tenure as athletic director.

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‘Collaborative’ legislative session ends with flurry of bills (access required)

Michael Busch

With most big ticket items passed days and weeks ago, the General Assembly session strolled to a close Monday night with a controversial "lockbox" bill and persistently pesky dog-bite bill dominating rhetoric in the State House in the final hours.

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General Assembly approves transportation funding ‘lockbox’ (access required)

House of Delegates

The House of Delegates voted 110-27 on Monday night to pass a bill that would make it more difficult for the governor and General Assembly to use money earmarked for transportation for non-transportation purposes.

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Proposed transportation funding ‘lockbox’ awaits House hearings (access required)

Legislation that would make it significantly more difficult for the governor and General Assembly to use transportation money for non-transportation purposes could be considered by two House of Delegates committees.

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Lengthy to-do list on final day of session (access required)

The big ticket items -- increasing the gas tax to pay for transportation projects, repealing the death penalty and increasing gun control -- are already resolved heading into the General Assembly's last day.

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