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No lacrosse movie for Maryland

A few months ago I told you that Hollywood’s first lacrosse movie might be filmed in Maryland. In my story I also said Maryland’s depleted film incentives fund could keep it from winning the movie, but that the producers were hopeful something could be worked out.

Well you can hold that thought.

I touched base with producer Todd Harris on Thursday and it looks like Maryland is out of the picture (no pun intended).

“I really haven’t gotten the investment response I’d hoped for from MD yet, and the state’s resources remain lean by comparison to some other states,” Harris said in an e-mail.

There’s no way around it. That’s kind of embarrassing that a state considered a hotbed of lacrosse — and that has lacrosse as its official team sport — couldn’t score Hollywood’s first movie on the sport.

One solace is it’s not all about money — Harris said the movie has gained traction in recent months with Native American investors, and they will likely shoot the movie on a reservation in the Northeast.

That’s actually really good news for the Native American community — it did invent the sport after all. Now not only do we get a lacrosse movie featuring a Native American underdog tale, but a reservation will likely get the economic benefits of hosting the movie production.

Harris did say Crooked Arrows will still most likely be casting in Maryland, but we don’t know yet when those audition dates will be.