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‘Hair’ we come to save the day …

Wondering what you can do for the oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico? Get your hair cut. Seriously.

Catonsville’s Narcissus Salon is collecting hair and working with Matter of Trust to supply the ingredients to make hair mats for the “Hair For Oil Spills” program. The program collects donations of hair, fur and nylons to make hair mats that are placed around oil spills to contain the oil and keep it from spreading.

On Thursday, the salon will also be hosting a Matted Manes collection event where you can drop off donations of hair, fur and nylons that will be sent to Matter of Trust. Narcissus is asking other salons and grooming facilities to join them in the collection.

According to Matter of Trust, hair-filled nylon booms work better than the traditional ones because they absorb the oil better. After all, we wash our hair to get rid of that oil, right?

Interestingly enough, BP declined Matter of Trust’s offer to donate the booms and said it is using its own synthetic boom. I sensed a bit of frustration from Matter of Trust on BP declining the donations after the oil company’s Critical Resources Department initially said it was interested in the donations:

“On May 21st BP’s Public Affairs department, who were not in contact with the Critical Resources Dept. until we introduced them, told us that BP wanted to apologize but that [it] had enough of their own BP synthetic boom,” Matter of Trust said on its website. “We want to thank BP Crtitical Resources Materials Management Team For Boom Acquisition for their forward ideas and to say that they were a pleasure to work with.”

Instead the hair/nylon booms are being used by municipalities and harbors. In addition, people are rolling them on the beaches and putting them in shrimp bags that are tied together in strings from pier to pier. This also helps remove tar balls from the beach.

For other businesses interested in getting involved, Matter of Trust has contact information on its homepage.