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In-House Interrogatory

moneyshirtAsked: Our weekly question to the In-House community

Looks like life is good these days if you are a general counsel in the extractive/chemical/mining, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals or medical devices industries.

Those GCs are among the highest-paid corporate attorneys in the country, according to a new survey released by legal search firm Major Lindsey & Africa and General Counsel Metrics. For the study, 1,700 lawyers were asked about compensation in their law departments.

The survey also found the lowest paid general counsels worked in the nonprofit, government, education, construction and engineering sectors.

General counsels with more than 20 years experience make $300,000 or more in total cash compensation. While those with 30 years of experience have the highest compensation, bonuses are not related to years of experience  — company size and industry are more important factors.

Here’s our question for you:

In your experience, do the compensation findings in the study hold up?

Leave a comment below or email me.

Need to Know:

  • Jacksonville’s general counsel wrote a legal opinion about how her own appointment was legal.
  • The general counsel at University of Central Arkansas resigned.
  • Environmental Tectonics Corporation named a new VP/general counsel.

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